Chef Nimrod Kazoom


My journey of cooking started in a very young age as my mother’s son, in the family kitchen, with big curious eyes drawn to the magic and alchemy of her creations in the kitchen. As I grew older and entered the world of professional cooking, my desire was reshaped. It was born into the depth and richness of the North African Cuisine at large… Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian, Moorish… Traditions covered in mist of myth and centuries of recipes that go down the line… but also born into the plain simplicity of the Spanish and Basque cuisines.

My creativity is being expressed between those two points of fascination: The North African depth and richness, that is mainly based on slow cooking, spices and time… to that winning simplicity that comes with 2-3 items, lemon juice and olive oil, that the Spanish-Basque cuisine performs so well.

In between those two, I dwell. Giving respect to traditions, but letting passion be on the driver seat for the exploration of the yet unknown and new…
Its a distillation of Tradition with Innovation.





Photography on this website is by few dear people:
David Cox, Kylie Wheatley, Betty Joy Richards, Darren McLaughlin, Janelle Bynoe, and Tammy Dayan