In our catering services, we aim for nothing less than to create

a complete ‘Wow!’ experience for you and your guests.

We can execute any vision, dream or “out of the box” idea…
…from themed dinner parties, to crazy 21st Birthdays…
…upmarket weddings and lush rustic ones.

We know no limits as a prospect of our imaginative creativity.

in 3 words…


Tradition meets Innovation.


Please browse our photos, list those who catches your senses and we will compose your favourites to a complete symphony of tastes, flavours and textures made especially for you.
Gluten/nuts free options are also available.
“No dishes to wash” events!  we provide Eco friendly and bio-degradable plates made from banana leafs, bamboo, and wood.

Magnetic Memory provides a memorable experience in event photography. NEW in WA! Instant photo magnets are photos printed on magnets during your event. This is the ultimate gift to give your guests as a gesture of your gratitude, simply saying: “Thank you for attending”! Your guests would love to take home a souvenir that will remind them of the fun moments they had at your event.

T.A.MTake A Moment: 0448 886 692
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