73This service is for hospitality business owners.

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http://kaitlynweathers.com/show/sawdust-art-festival/ It’s about having a new life… and it always starts with a new perception. If you wish to have a new logo, a new name, a new concept for your business, we will come and do it for you. We will train your chefs and leave you with your very own recipe book to help your business start afresh.

http://vmustard.com/category/general/page/3/ If you would like to see our previous work, check out Canvas at the Fremantle Arts Centre. It used to be a Vietnamese cafe, we chose to call it Canvas, printed the menu on actual canvases, made a North African Spanish theme for the food, got a new set of clay and wooden board, taught the customers to eat straight off the pan, and gave it a new life and a well earned place in the top 26 best breakfasts in Australia by the Gourmet Traveler.

With over 14 years as a chef, and a total of 20 years in hospitality in all possible positions front to back of house, we have the experience, the knowledge and we can help you understand what do to, but also what not to do in your hospitality business.

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Canvas at Fremantle Arts Centre